Hana's Family moved to Prague in 1926, just shy of her first birthday. Her father started a children's clothing store. A few years later, her younger brother Petr was born. Life in free-thinking, democratic Czechoslovakia provided her with nothing less than a happy childhood.


My life in prague... 

Prague was my month of invisibility. The days when no one asked me where I was going or where I was coming from. The moments when thoughts swarmed my mind, begging to leave my lips. I never thought that being alone with an empty schedule could be so difficult. A few social engagements and cultural events speckled my calendar, but each were followed by quiet hours where I had no other obligation than to think about the story that my grandmother’s survival inspired me to follow. 
I wish I could see Prague through the eyes of other tourists. But, for me, this city serves as a museum and a reminder of a history long gone. When I walk into the Jewish buildings, I find my great grandparents names on the lists of those deceased and when I pass through the Old Town Square, I don’t look to the well known Astronomical Clock, I notice the store where my great grandfather once made his living. It is a strange feeling, to know that perhaps I am the only one in a dense herd of urban explorers who sees the streets for what was and not what is.