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Using photographs, video, interviews, archival documents, contemporary headlines, and personal stories, Rachael brings this story into classrooms and communities, adjusting the focus of her presentations and workshops to speak to the age and interest of the audience. 

She has spoken to audiences at the U.S. Embassy in the Czech Republic, Northeastern University, The Tuzman Holocaust Teach-In at Gratz College, Moore College of Art, Wheelock College, various Hadassah chapters, Kutz Summer Camp, and at nearly two dozen congregations in the Northeast Region (amongst others). 

“The world would be a sad place without progress if we didn’t try to change the injustice we see and feel.”
— Hana Dubova

She has created curriculums for and worked with hundreds of students of all ages, from as young as fourth grade to adult education. 

For teen and young adult classes, workshops can be molded to aid students in better understanding the refugee crisis and to build empathy for those facing persecution today. Contemporary chapters of this work paired with historical context are an important opportunity to have challenging conversations in a safe space. Rachael's goal is to bring a new relevance to the history of World War II that inspires students to think about how the past -- both personal and political -- has come to effect the present.

For adult education, Rachael often focuses on the personal journey she took following in her grandmother’s footprints, exploring the coexistence between trauma and resilience and the importance of storytelling from generation to generation. She does not shy away from the grief that lays within the pages of her grandmother's history and speaks about her own experience with the sudden death of her young husband. She is driven to tell stories of suffering and survival through a restorative lens that empowers.

Upcoming Professional Development & Talks


Yad Vashem : Seminar for Educators in Jewish Supplemental Programs (Jerusalem, Israel / June 2018)

Yad Vashem, International Conference : Holocaust Education - Time, Place & Relevance (Jerusalem, Israel / June 2018)

Facing History and Ourselves : Democracy at Risk / Holocaust and Human Behavior for Educators in Jewish Settings (Boston, Massachusetts / July 2018)

Presentation : International Conference : Pre-Genocide - Warnings and Readiness to Protect (Copenhagen, Denmark / September 2018)